sanjali impex

sanjali impexSanjali impex is a trading company doing import & export of textile products such as textile machinery and its spares, exporter of cotton yarn, blended fabrics and readymade garment which is established in 2004 by Mr Sandeep Loke.
After established in the year 2004 to provide professional textile overseas services to Indian corporate , & started operating in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Estonia , USA, Russia, UAE, China & Philippines.
Sanjali Impex has delivery Quality weaving machines in India, through own office in Mumbai & associate offices in various parts of India.
We provide completely weaving solution such as New Airjet & Rapier Weaving Machines, through China Textile Machinery (CTM), Second hand shuttle-less weaving machines, Spares parts for Shuttle-less weaving machines, technical consultant in weaving Industries & Having state of arts weaving know – how to produce Sheeting , Shirting, Suiting, Denim, Shawls, furnishing, Dress Material as well as Technical Fabrics.
Sanjali Impex has sold various shuttle-less weaving machines for cotton / woollen/ silk / jute / blended weaving fabrics in various parts of India.
Our mission is to provide advance ecological, economical and creative solutions to help our esteem customers to enhance the value of their projects.